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BAGASSE – 5 Compartment Tray


Shape : Rectangle Qty Per Carton : 400
Sleeves per Carton : 40 Qty Per Sleeve : 10
Size Per Piece : 27cm



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Description And Usage

  1. All in one!, less to carry and buy. Perfect for Parties, Picnics and community events
  2. Great for foods that need reheating before serving
  3. Elegant and Stylishplates fit for Hot or Cold food
  4. Made from 100% natural fibre
  5. Safe to be used in Microwave for reheating and Refrigeration
  6. 100% Biodegrade within 2 months; wastes will decompose into CO2 and Water
  7. No toxic substance or odour is released even in high temperatures or in acid/alkali condition, 100% food contact safe, odourless and leak-proof
  8. Recyclable – reused to make Paper, reduces the need for Petroleum based materials
  9. Sturdier than paper ware120?C hot oil and 100?C hot water resistant

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